Propaganda and Brainwashing

Brainwashing can be a subversive form of propaganda. Both stem from the idea that you want a desired effect from an individual. With propaganda the effect is usually in the form of fear. For example during World War 2 the posters of the Germans/Japanese were made to cause fear by presenting the enemy in the form of sub-human, the repeated exposure to such posters would make people believe that the idea was true. With brainwashing, there is still the idea of a desired end effect, the person will believe in the ideas that they are subjected to. The constant repetition of propaganda could have a brainwashing effect that would produce the same desired effect as torture in actual brainwashing.

Advertising is both propaganda and a form of brainwashing. The advertisements are placed in specific areas and for specific groups of people in mind to create a desired effect. Today with the advantage of technology, most people pay little attention to TV commercials, however with global media such as it is one can never really escape advertisements. How often to we see a commercial/advertisement for something, even in passing, and later have a desire or want for a product?

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