Code Talkers

Reflecting on the class discussion about the code talkers and the important aspects of their vital role during World War Two, it seems that there would be more interest to study that role within the world war and how it changed the dynamic of coded messages. To take members of a society (Native Americans) for which at that time little attention was given, and for the most part were considered almost less than human, and give them an important job is an interesting reversal of fortune. How many of those same people were turned away before the draft and during the draft only to be asked to help once the govenment found a “use” for them?

Also it would be interesting to study the breakdown of the economic issues between the code talkers and the amount of work in training people to use code machines, publish code material, and train people to work on the machines when all you needed to do for the code talkers was very little training other than develop words for things not in their language. Since few if any were officers, most enlisted men made less than $100. a month depending on several conditions, we said in class that there were 17 of the Comanche code talkers, on average that would be $1700 a month plus expenses to pay these code talkers, I would be willing to bet that the expenses for other methods would far exceed that amount.

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