Final Project

Trying to decide what to do for a final project seemed simple enough; however with a 485 paper due on the 5th and the presentation for the same due on the 9th it seemed to make things more difficult to choose.

I decided to expand on a point on the class timeline which I had posted on Yellow Journalism and the paper war between Hearst (New York Journal) and Pulitzer (New York World) ┬áduring the last part of the nineteenth century. The term is said to have originated from a comic strip published by both papers known as “The Yellow Kid” and became a symbol for the circulation war and what amounted to sensationalism to drive up sales of each newspaper.

The majority of what is know as yellow journalism erupted during the Spanish-American war as each paper tried to create bigger and better stories to increase circulation, after the war accusations of underhanded reporting would hurt the credibility of both newspapers and indeed both Pulitzer and Hearst throughout the remainder of their lives.

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